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Welcome to Sagebrush Golf Club, where every hole is unique and presents its own set of obstacles and rewards. Challenge some tee shots and find the speed slot leaving you an easier approach, or take the conservative route and find the fat part of the fairway and maybe work a little harder for that par. Get creative with your approaches into greens by using the ground game and let the contours do the hard work.

The course and how to play it can change every time you tee it up. Be creative. Use the terrain. Use the guide below to help strategize how to take on the challenge of each hole. You’re in for an unforgettable experience.

Play Away.

“The routing I think was key to making this thing work on this property and I think we’ve accomplished that. You have to be very creative. Out here we’ve got some holes where if you just put the ball in a certain spot on the ground it’s going to roll onto the green for you. When you figure that out I think you are going to have fun.”

— Rod Whitman

Badlands Putting Green

All good rounds start with a warm up but don’t wear yourself out. If you’re short on time or don’t want to waste those precious swings, start off on the Badlands Putting Green. The slope and contours are going to give you an idea of what kind of adventure you’re in for. Hint…keep yourself below the hole…at all times.

If you have more time on your hands, wander over to the adjacent chipping area and get a handle on how the ball is going to react once it hits the green. Turn those hands of stone into velvety mitts and you’ll have a lot of fun out here. Word to the wise, keep the ball low to the ground and allow the contours to move the ball towards the hole.

Double 8 Ranch

If you have time before your round why not pass the time at our pitching course, Double 8 Ranch. Grab your favourite wedge and play a KP contest with your group. Not only are you going to warm yourself up with with a little walk around the property but you’ll get a glimpse at a few of the holes on the front nine. Don’t be intimidated.

If your group walked off 18 All-Square, Double 8 Ranch is a great place to break those ties. The one with the deft touch is going to walk away the winner time and time again. This may be a pitching course but it’s not for the faint of hear.

Sagebrush Course Guide

Below is a guide that is well worth your studious time before walking up to the first tee. This is not a bible but rather recommendations on how best to play the course. Every swing is different just like every round here is different. You won’t play the same shot day-to-day, round-to-round so use this to put yourself in the right positions off the tee and give yourself the best opportunities to score on your approaches. Good luck!

Golf Guide
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