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While Sagebrush is open to the public, that’s where the similarities with standard golf courses ends. Yes, you’ll book a tee time, but you’ll find the freedom provided by widely spaced tee times. That’s because Sagebrush was created to be enjoyed at your pace—whether that means playing 18 and then having lunch, followed by more golf, or hanging at the Hideout for some fishing mid-round.

Your day adventure includes golf, on-course lunch, refreshments, and all the golf you can play. Similarly, you can stay-and-play, overnighting at one of Sagebrush’s suites, with rates that include dinner and breakfast (alcohol is additional).

The goal is simple—to allow you and your guests to enjoy a golf course that has won over fans from throughout Canada and around the world.

The Golf Course

Ranked in the Top 10 in Canada soon after it opened, Sagebrush is a modern masterpiece. “Sagebrush reaches into, explores, and touches golf’s soul,” wrote Canadian Golf Hall of Fame member Lorne Rubenstein. “The open expanse allows the golfer to experience freedom,” he added.

Wide rambling fairways fit in perfectly with the majesty of the location, with its long valley views and stunning setting overlooking Nicola Lake. The course’s designers—Zokol, Suny, Whitman—crafted a course where fun and challenge are found in equal measure. You’ll hit shots and make putts that only exist at Sagebrush, and play holes that will make you immediately want to return to the first tee and try it all again.

Hit a 40-yard putt, or run a knock-down into a front hole position on one of the unforgettable greens—Sagebrush is always showcasing the wonder of its design, a riddle that isn’t solved in a single game.

But isn’t that what makes golf great—the mystery that can’t immediately be solved? That’s exactly why Sagebrush is so compelling. It is a course where you’ll remember all 18 holes after dropping the final putt. That’s rare—not just in Canada, but in all of golf.

“Simply put, Sagebrush is a unique and extraordinary opportunity for those who don’t always follow the conventional path, or who covet perfect moment experiences.”


“Sagebrush is one of the most fun golf experiences I’ve had anywhere that I played.”

—Kris Jonasson, Executive Director, BC Golf Association

The Designers

Rod Whitman, Richard Zokol, Armen Suny

Sagebrush is the result of a collaboration between three of the most vibrant minds in golf—PGA Tour winner Richard Zokol, noted agronomist Armen Suny, and Rod Whitman, the designer behind several of Canada’s best courses, including Cabot Links in Nova Scotia and Blackhawk in Edmonton.

The three envisioned a course where the scale of the golf would rival the bold landscape that surrounds the property. Firm and fast fairways give way to massive greens—this is a course with options, where the golfer can play to their strengths.

“Sagebrush is a terrific course—one of the best modern courses to be built in Canada,” wrote Canadiangolfer.com soon after Sagebrush opened. “It is an artistic success without doubt.”

In naming Sagebrush the Best New Course in Canada in 2009, Golf Digest highlighted the ability of the three designers in showcasing the wonderful rolling land that makes up the course. “Everything looks so intensely natural, it’s hard to identify the spots Whitman had to create,” the magazine said.

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